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I came across a picture of all modes of transportation with a big word TRAVEL on it then i realized i have taken all these types of transportation.

This led me to think of where i have been for just this year only. Where do I start...Hmmm..

The first trip we had was last February. Out of the blue, we decided to go on a road trip -- tracing the edges of South Cebu . We went West and then worked our way down South. It would've been nice to see what's in store in a certain town but when you got an ala-F1 racer as driver, nah..then you can just forget about it and pray that the seatbelt won't let go. Funny coz our friend, Karl, who was seated at the backseat, was already praying for his life. :Þ

Summer of this year, my 2 good friends -- Karl and D (who are also travel locos, and who, by the way, named their tandem Locos Viajeros) and me and Pete made a crazy splurge on our common passion - the BEACH!. Every after payday starting on March 30, we made sure that we hit the beach on different places. We started at Stuckli Resort in Badian and then 15 days later, we found ourselves in Kookoo's Nest in Antulang,Negros Oriental and again after 15 days, we were in Siquijor. Whew! I said to myself that this is the greatest summer of my life but not for my pocket.. ;(

Among those beaches, Pete and I had fallen in love with Kookoo's Nest in Antulang. It was our first time and sure enough we didn't expect that going there is like climbing a mountain! It's when you're on the verge of quitting but when you get to the top, the feeling is so overwhelming. What a sight! You can't get enough of the place. One can feast to their heart's desire on the resort's food, which, I gotta say is fantastic, and and the beach...you can snorkel or dive all you want! Be amazed at the corals and fishes...Heaven..

Siquijor is not that bad though. I guess it's the experience when we arrived there that created a bad feeling for me. Siquijor, in it's entirety is a sanctuary. It’s a small place and you can tour the entire island in about three hours. They have lots of sights and interesting places to offer. I noticed that bell towers are ubiquitous on the place. Tourists also often the island since they have great diving spots as well.

Months went by and nothing significant happened except for an outing or two to the beach.

Then just recently, Pete took me to San Remegio. The first time was supposed to be a surprise but it slipped his tongue..hehehe.. So off we went on a two-hour drive to San Remegio. We stayed in Elegant Beach Resort. First impressions really have a lasting impression coz 3 days and 2 nights stay is just not enough. I had to go back and this time, with friends in tow.

A busy person can really take a breather on this resort. It's far from the hustle and bustle of the city. We spent most of our time on the beach...listening to the waves and enjoying the fresh air...and of course, photo ops! With camwhores and photogs in the group, why not?!

The resort also has a swimming pool for adults and kids and a jacuzzi. Check it out during the evening, and you'll see how romantic the place suddenly becomes. I personally love the pool area during the evening...I just love the lights!...and much lovelier with the fountain on...perfect for night swimming! The resort has plenty of rooms for 2-4 people and a dorm room for groups. They also have vast lawn area with benches suitable for group activities or simply for those who want to just sit and enjoy the sight of the beach below.

I wonder what's next for me? Oh well, life's full of surprises and I'm definitely up for it! ;Þ

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Stuckli rocks!

the Badian trip..

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Stockli Rocks!
April 4 -5

The Locos Viajeros ( Karl and D ) had been planning to go to Daanbantayan to spend the weekend. Karl has a friend whose aunt owns a resort there. Unfortunately, something came up and they decided to go to Badian instead..to a resort highly recommended by also another friend.


Karl impelled me to go with them. And after discussing the plan with Pete, we decided to join them on the 11th hour. Off we went again on another road trip with a makeshift map of piece-of paper-with-instructions-scribbled on it.

We left at around 9 a.m.. With booze,food, and 4 excited people on board White Robi, we were enroute to Badian. Our destination: Stockli Resort.


Located in Lambug, Badian, the resort is 2.5-3 hours drive from Metro Cebu. From the highway, you need to turn right to the direction of Cebu International Golf and Resort until you reach the dead end.The resort itself is a 5-minute walk passing through a public beach. The locals were very helpful in pointing the direction of the resort. If your bringing a car, the locals will offer to watch your car for a Php 100.00 fee.



Upon arriving at the resort, we were greeted with vast white sand and clear waters. The Badian Island is visible from the shore. The caretakers of the resort are very courteous. They even offered to carry our things. We booked a 2-bedroom cottage with own bath for Php 2000.00 since it's peak season. During off season, the cottage is only at Php 1,500. The cottage is good for 6-9 people. It has 2 beds on 1 room and 3 beds on the other room. One can relax and even doze off on their spacious balcony with a big couch and sofas facing the ocean. The resort does not have it's own restaurant so guests are welcome to bring in food. We bought our food from the nearby market and we just had it cooked by the caretakers.



We cannot resist the temptation of the ocean so after a few minutes of rest, we yielded. The beach was superb. It stretches to a seemingly unending point.

Dinner was a scrumptious serving of grilled chicken and rice. Food, booze, and lots of stories and jokes were passed around and it was a helluvan evening. We took a dip before retiring to our cottage. We called it a night at around 1 a.m..

The sun was up when we woke up at around 7 a.m.. And while waiting for the tide to be at it's most, we played with the beach's fine sand. The water was perfect. The resort was ideal especially for people wanting to get a break from the city life.

After breakfast, we only had roughly 3 hours to enjoy the beach and get ready to leave so we made the most out of it. We dived in until we're tired. Guests were starting to arrive so we got ready to check out.

We left the resort with a promise to be back. And this time, the stay will be longer..

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Wandering on the South

...with SEXY

all seasons in one day

We were supposed to go to a beach somewhere in the north or Bohol maybe for my post birthday celebration. My boyfriend, Pete, can't seem to find the perfect location so out of the blue, I blurted out the idea of pushing through with our long standing plan of going on a road trip on the southern part of Cebu. (The idea hit him when we went to Simala on one of our impromptu trips..)

Since we also have another friend, Karl, who's crazy about road trips, we decided to bring him along. After 17 missed calls, Karl finally woke up and jumped in the car. It was around 9 a.m. when we hit the road. We had breakfast first in Jollibee then the roadtrip began. There were the 3 of us - me, Pete, and Karl - the lakwatseros.



At around 11 a.m., we were driving our way to Trans-Central Highway. We passed by Island in the Sky. Though they have a restaurant and they serve lunch, we didn't stop since we're still so stuffed. We've been there before and so we know nothing has changed much on the place anyway. But I did have my first experience on a hanging bridge there though. It was one of my firsts...among the others..( hahaha! )

The drive was very exciting and hair-raising. Being an aspiring F1 racer , Pete , he made the road a race track. there was not much time to admire the scenery..but we did get the feel of how it is on the fast lane.


In going to Balamban, you will find fresh veggies displayed and sold just on the side of the street. The weather is nice there. It's like being in Baguio during summer. You'll find the shipyard in Balamban. That's where ships are made and sold.

We passed by Toledo, a small municipality with a laid back lifestyle. It was raining.

From there, we passed by Pinamungajan and Aloguinsan. In Barili, we got stranded for more than an hour. The road was under construction and we waited until there was a spot where we can pass without damaging Sexy's bumper. It was past 4 p.m. when we headed for Dumanjug.



We didn't bother stopping in Dumangjug, Ronda, Alcantara. Moalboal and Badian are great spots for beaches. But since our goal is to be in Alcoy before dark, then we didn't make a stop there either. It was somewhere in Alegria that we noticed the beachline just along the road. We stopped to stretch our legs and to admire the place. The white sand and water were very inviting. We almost got tempted to just take off our clothes and hit the water for just a few minutes if only we can find a way to go down from where we were.



After about 10 minutes, we decided to just continue with our road trip. After driving for less than 10 kilometers, we already passed by Malabyoc, Samboan, Bato,Santander and we were in Oslob when we stopped at the wharf for a pee break. It was almost 6 p.m. and only one more town to pass before we arrive in Alcoy. Pete wanted us to arrive in Bodo's Bamboo Bar in Alcoy by 6 p.m. sharp. It was around 5:45 p.m. when we left Oslob. After a hair-raising, heart-stopping, nose-bleeding, breath-holding drive we pulled over in Bodo's at exactly 6 p.m.. The place is really heaven. It was already dark when we arrived. It has been our fave resort and Karl fell in love with the place. We went swimming and then we had our dinner at around 8 p.m.. It was a sumptuous dinner. We wanted to go swimming after dinner but the wind was so cold that we changed our mind and just hit the hay early. Since the resort is situated in a cliff, one can really expect an amazing scenery.



The next day, we woke up early to see the sunrise. The resort offers amenities where guests can enjoy their stay. After a match in table tennis, the 3 of us decided to take advantage of the resort's jacuzzi. My fingers and toes were all pruned when i decided to shower and prepare for check out. It was almost 11 a.m. and check out is at 12 noon. We had heavy lunch and at 1 p.m. we started for the road. First stop was Riverstone Castle in Argao. I saw this place in the tv and was curious. They said it's an authentic castle complete with dungeons. We paid Php 40.00 for the entrance fee and we explored the place. It was really like a real castle. They have the torture room, the archery room, and the likes. The stairways are very narrow that one can hardly climb the stairs. If you're claustrophobic then i suggest you don't bother going through the spiral staircase. There's a swimming pool for kids and adults alike to enjoy. There's also a mini zoo and their rabbits roam the area.. I wonder if the caretakers know? Hmm..for aspiring divas, they also have videoke. Their bar is amazing. When you get inside, you will feel like you're taken back to the medieval times. There are still parts of the castle that's under construction. In totality, the place is good. I just think the Php 40.00 was too much.




It was already almost 3 p.m. when we headed for Cebu City. When we reached Carcar, we stopped for a pee break and wondered how the giant shoe was made.

At 4 p.m. we were back in Cebu. It was really one heck of a road trip.

Next stop: NORTH..I wonder what awaits us there? We'll soon find out..

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